The NDS/CMS has come a long way. The Boley led administration is of the conviction that most of the challenges of old can be addressed by leaping into the inevitable future. As a top priority, the management with the support of Strategic partners begun state of the art security and operation feature at the modern Warehouse. In May of 2017, the NDS warehouse was gutted by fire damaging medicine and other properties with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our priority has therefore been improving safety mechanisms (fire alarms, extinguishers, and water hose). We have also invested in security. We have approximately 50 cameras, finger and facial recognition to access entry and 24-hour security guard.

This facility with incalculable (In terms of dollar and Human lives value) worth of Supplies has been protracted and treated for what it truly is: A National Security Interest. We thank the MOH leadership and partners for their vison.

Burned Warehouse



Transparency and Accountability of Commodity

Warehouse Management System (mSupply)

CCTV Monitoring

24 Hours Security Guards