Mental Health Program


Before 1960, traditional and faith leaders provided cared for persons with mental health conditions. It was believed that mental illnesses were caused by demonic possession or witchcraft and treatment was often harsh and inhumane. Beatings and restraints used: legs locked into logs, and sleep deprivation seen as a way to remove the “responsible” spirit. The government of Liberia first implemented a formal mental health service in the 1960s when a group of concerned Liberian women mobilized resources and construct a modern psychiatric facility named Catherine Mills Rehabilitation Center on 90 acres of land donated by Ellen Mills Scarborough. The center was damaged during 1990 Catherine Miller-90 acres.

The Mental Health Unit was established in 2009 with mandate to develop, guide, direct and supervise Mental Health Services. The unit is headed by a director who reports to Assistant Minister for Preventive Services. There is a mental health technical Coordination Committee established to advise the minister of Health on mental health services. There are coordinators at both central and county levels to coordinate, supervise, and monitor mental health activities/service.

Organization of Mental Health Services

Mental health services are integrated into primary healthcare delivery system in the 15 counties. Some of the services provided include: Clinical Mental Health Services, School Mental Health Services, Prison Health Services, Community Mental Health Services, Emergency MHPSS Services, etc. 

 Key Achievements


There is one National Mental Health referral hospital with 80 bed space, four wellness units (Bong, Margibi, River Gee, Grand Kru, Grand Gedeh Wellness Unit (Pending), Step-down program for female patients, etc.


  • 3 Psychiatrists
  • Mental Health Clinicians: 348 Adult & 140 Child & Adolescence)
  • 32 addiction specialists
  • 580 mhGAP-IG PHWs
  • 7 National Trainers for Thinking Healthy
  • 219 Primary health workers trained in THINKING HEALTHY
  • 119 Community Health Workers


  • Lack of donor supports for Mental Health Services
  • Constant stock out of medications
  • Limited budgetary allocation for MH services in National Budget
  • Limited specialists in mental health
  • Limited capacity for inpatients services (80 beds to the Entire population of Liberia)

Mental Health Program Medications




Amitriptyline 25mg


Biperiden 2mg


Chlorpromazine 100mg


Carbamazepine 200mg


Chlorpromazine 25mg/2ml


Diazepam 10mg/ml


Diazepam 5mg


Fluoxetine 20mg


Fluphenazine 25mg/ml


Haloperidol 5mg


Haloperidol deconoate 5mg/ml


Phenobarbital 60mg


Phenobarbital 100mg


Phenobarbital 200mg/ml


Phenytoin 100mg


Rispeidone 2mg


Valproic acid 200 mg




















Facilities With Mental Health Services Per County In Liberia

Grand Gedeh

1. Martha Tubman Memory Hospital (MTMH)
2. Toffoi Town Clinic
3. Kumah Town Clinic
4. Gorbourogba Clinic
5. Gbaoe Clinic
6. Kannah Clinic
7. Gbanzon Health Center
8. Polajarwdee Clinic
9. Pola Clinic;
10.Putu Pennokon Clinic
11. Putu Karlawolee Clinic
12. Putu Jarwodee Clinic
13. Toe Town Clinic
14. Dougee Town Clinic
15. Jarzon Clinic
16. Beh Town Clinic
17. Tuzon Clinic
18. Gboleken Clinic
19. Zai Town Clinic

Margibi County

1. C.H. Rennie Hospital
2. Kakata Health Center
3. Velley-ta Clinic
4. Tucker -ta Clinic
5. Wolola clinic
6. weala community clinic
7. City Clinic
8. Lacke-ta Clinic
9. Massaquoi Town clinic
10.Worhn Town Clinic
11.Peter Town clinic
12.Yarwuollie Clinic
13.SRC Health center
14.Zeeworth clinic
15.Schefflin Town Clinic
16.Dolo Town Health center
17.Marshall Health Center
18.Charlesville Clinic
19.Unification Town Clinic
20.Cotton Tree Health Center
21.Duside Hospital
22.Harbel Health center

Lofa County

1. Tellewoyan Hospital
2. Barkedu Clinic
3. Sarkonedu Clinic
4. Lawalazu Clinic
5. Barzagizzia Clinic
6. Zenalorma Clinic
7. Balakpalasu Clinic
8. Free Pentecostal Health Center
9. Kolahun Hospital
10.Bolahun Health Center
11.Korworhun Clinic
12.Balotahun Clinic
13.Nyandamoilahun Clinic
14.Balahun Faith Clinic
15.Vahun Health Center
16.Popalahun Clinic
17.Kamatahun Clinic
18.Lukasu Clinic
19.Foya Boma Hospital
20.Foyah Community Health Center
21.Shello Clinic
22.Poluma Clinic
23.Mendekorma Clinic
24.Worsonga Clinic
25.Foya Tangia Clinic
26.Yougbadu Clinic
27.Curran Lutheran Hospital
28.Zolowo Clinic
29.Yeala Clinic
30.Fessabu Clinic
31.Borkeza Clinic
32.Konia Health Center
33.Luyeama Clinic
34.Barzewin Clinic
35.Salayea Clinic
36.Gangolota Clinic
37.Yarpuah Clinic
38.Gbanway Clinic
39.Sucromu Clinic

Grand Bassa County

1. Liberia Government Hospital
2. Liberia Agriculture Compand Hospital
3. Wellbaby Clinic
4. Tubmanville Clinic
5. Compound 4 Clinic

Grand Cape Mount County

1. St Timothy Hospital
2. Sinje Health Center
3. Kpeneji Clinic
4. Bomboja Clinic
5. Madina Clinic
6. Damballa Health Center
7. Bendaja Clinic
8. Bamballa Clinic
9. M’baloma Clinic
10.Kinjor Clinic
11.Tienii Clinic
12.Diah Clinic
13.Jenewonde Clinic
14.Bowaterside Health Center
15.Mambo Clinic
16.Gondama Clinic

Grand Kru County

1. Rally Time Hospital
2. Gbanken Clinic
3. Barclayville Health Center
4. Picniccess Clinic
5. Behwan Health Center
6. Gblebo Clinic
7. Nemiah Clinic
8. Nifa Clinic
9. Garraway Clinic
10.GVL Clinic
11.Dr. Domo Nimine Maternity Hospital
12.Buah Health Center



Maryland County

1. JJ Dossen Hospital
2. Yediaken Clinic
3. Little Wlebo Clinic
4. Fishtown Clinic
5. Rocktown Clinic
6. Pleebo Health Center
7. Old Sodoken Clinic
8. Barraken Clinic
9. Rocktown Konokudi
10.Gbloken Clinic
11.Boniken Clinic
12.Karloken Clinic
13.Poubgaken Clinic
14.Cavalla clinic
15.Manolu Clinic
16.Glofaken Clinic
17.Juluken Clinic
18.Newaken Clinic
19.Feloken Clinic
20.Pulah Clinic
21.yookudi Clinic
22.Gbawliken Clinic

Nimba County

1. Garplay Mission Clinic
2. Duotiayee Clinic
3. Ganta Community Clinic
4. Ganta United Methodist Hospital
5. Luogortuo Clinic
6. G.W.Harley Hospital
7. Gbeivonwea Clinic
8. Younlay Clinic
9. Garplay Mission Clinic
10.Zekepa Health Center
11.Mehnla Clinic
12.Bonlay Clinic
13.Consolata Clinic
14.Kpein Clinic
15.Karnwee Clinic
16.Toweh Town Clinic
17.Equip Clinic
18.Ghanta Hospital
19.E and J Medical center

Montserrado County

1. Pipeline health center
2. Duport road health center
3. E.S Grant Mental Health Hospital
4. Brumley Health Center
5. Redemption hospital
6. Clara town health center
7. Gardnerville clinic
8. Chocolate city clinic
9. Johnsville clinic
10.RC Marshall Clinic
11.Monrovia central prison Clinic
12.Careyesbury clinic
13.Johnsonvile community clinic
14.Faith Medical clinic
15.Bensovile hospital
16.Banervillie health center
17.Bromley clinic
18.Stepdown unit
19.Joy medical clinic
20.Kpallah clinic
21.Slip way Clinic
22.Sonniewein health center
23.Tubman high school Clinic
24.J. W penie high school Clinic
25.Nyehn Health Center
26.Omega Market Clinic
27.Dr. Agnis Varies Health Center
28.Water side market Clinic

Gbapolu County

1. Kondensu Clinic
2. Gbaryama Clinic
3. Weasua Clinic
4. Kpeakwelleh Clinic
5. Fassama Clinic
6. Gbangay Clinic
7. Jallahlon Medical Center
8. Kongbor Clinic
9. Bambuta Clinic
10.Totoquelleh Clinic
11.Tarkpoima Clinic
12.Gokala Clinic
13.Henry Town Clinic
14.Yargayah Clinic
15.Gbarma Clinic

Bomi County

1. Malama Clinic
2. Liberia Government Hospital
3. Sackie Town Clinic
4. Suhn Clinic
5. Mecca Clinic
6. Bonjeh Clinic
7. Gonjeh Clinic
8. Yomo Town Clinic
9. Beafini Clinic
10.Golodee Lasanna Clinic
11.Gonzipo Clinic
12.Behsao Clinic
13.Jenneh #3 Clinic


River Cess County

1. St.Francis Hospital
2. Opened Bible Standard Mission (OBS) Clinic
3. Fen River Clinic
4. Timbo Compound Clinic
5. Charlie Town Clinic
6. Neezium Clinic
7. ITI Clinic
8. Po-River Clinic
9. kploh Clinic
10.Inland Clinic
11.Bodowhea Clinic
12.Larkpazee Clinic
13.Boegeezay Clinic
14.Gozohn Clinic
15.Kambo Town Clinic
16.Kayah Clinic
17.Dorbor Clinic
18.Sayah Town Clinic
19.Gbloseo Town Clinic
20.Gbediah Town Clinic

Bong County

1. Phebe Hospital Wellnes Unit
2. Botota Clinic
3. Zowienta Clinic
4. Belefanai Clinic
5. Foequelleh Clinic
6. Wainsue Clinic
7. Fenutola Clinic
8. Totota Clinic
9. Gbarnla Clinic

River Gee County

1. Nyenebo Clinic
2. Nyaaken Clinic
3. Jimmyville Clinic
4. Tuobo Clinic
5. Sarbo Health Center
6. River Gbeh Clinic
7. Freetown Clinic
8. U-bor Clinic
9. Fish Town Hospital
10.Jayproken Clinic
11.Juwelpo Clinic
12.Gbeapo Health center
13.Pronoken Clinic
14.Drugbo Clinic
15.Putuken Clinic
16.Jarkaken Clinic
17.Killepo Clinic
18.Gmomaken Clinic
19.Cheboken Clinic

Sinoe County

1. kabada clinic
2. Panama clinic
3. kilo Town clinic
4. Drapo clinic
5. Tubmanville clinic
6. SRC clinic
7. Saywon Town clinic
8. kaquekpo clinic
9. Edward memorial clinic
10.kqetatuzon clinic
11.Menwahwalker clinic
12.Juaryan clinic
13.Government camp clinic
14.Dyankpo clinic
15.Tuzon clinic
16.Nyanwelehkan clinic
17.Jokokan clinic
18.Doctor free clinic
19.Dodwehkan clinic
20.Cehbioh Town clinic
21.Vougbadee clinic
22.Pellokan clinic
23.Pynes Town clinic
24.Jacksonville clinic
25.Jaurzon clinic
26.Wiah’s Town clinic
27.ENI clinic
28.RTM clinic
29.Gbyzon Town clinic
30.Butaw clinic
31.Grisfby Farm clinic
32.BOPC clinic
33.Togbaville clinic
34.Lexington clinic
35.FJ Grante Hospital
36.St Joseph Catholic clinic

Mental Health Program Partners

1. Carter Center
2. Partner-In-Health
3. MSF France
4. Mother Patern
8. Last Mile Health
10.Cultivation for User Hope
13.Achor of Hope
14.Mentor Care Liberia

The Liberia Association of Psychosocial Services (LAPS)
This is a Liberian non-governmental organization founded in 2007 with mission to dignify the lives of survivors of torture and organized violence (TOV), Gender Based Violence (GBV), and war trauma of all age groups, as well as, to stop torture, GBV, and illegal migration in Liberia. LAPS has operations in Nimba, Margibi, Grand Bassa, Bong, Grand Cape Mount and Montserrado counties.


• Capacity building
• Advocacy
• Community based mental health and psychosocial Support (MHPSS) related services

Mount Sinai Program in Global Mental Health
The Mount Sinai Program in Global Mental Health has been partnering with the Ministry of Health’s Mental Health Unit since 2011.


• Capacity building and supervision via tele psychiatry from New York City
• Efforts to improve access to psychotropic medications in Liberia

Head Office Address
SKD Boulevard, Main Road
72nd Community-Paynesville, Monrovia-Liberia
Tel: +231886443073; +231776443073; +21777966752