Central Medical Stores (CMS)


Subject to the authority of the Managing Director, the department of Administration is responsible to carry out the following duties.

Administer the Central Medical Store’s financial management system, including budgeting, petty cash management, financial accounting and reporting, and internal and external audits, ensuring that they are consistent with the Public Financial Management law and regulations;

Administer the Central Medical Store’s human resource management system, including recruiting, selecting, training and retention, ensuring that they are consistent with the Civil Service law, policies and regulations;

administer the Central Medical Store’s procurement of goods, supplies, work and consulting services, ensuring that they are consistent with the law and regulation of Public Procurement and Concessions and Commission;

Manage the Central Medical Store’s general services, such as warehousing and accessing of goods and supplies; transportation and communication; power and water systems; and security and maintenance, ensuring that they are consistent with policies and regulations of General Service Agency;

Perform such other duties that are incidental to being the Director of Administration of the Central Medical Stores; and Perform duties that the Managing Director may from time to time assign to the Office of Director of Administration.

Department of Administration Units

  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • ICT
  • Logistics
  • Human Resource
  • Internal Audit
  • Legal
  • Energy

In short; Our dedicated team ensures the uninterrupted supply of health commodities across Liberia.