About us

About the Central Medical Stores

National Drug Service currently the Central Medical Stores (CMS) is the Government Agency responsible for storage and distribution of medicine and medical supplies to approved Clinics, Health Centers, and Hospitals. The current model of distribution is quarterly. Medicine and medical supplies are distributed every three months. Currently, supplies are delivered to the county health teams of thirteen counties and 36 hospitals across the country. The county health team in those counties do intra-county (From the county depot to the facilities within the county) distribution. All approved facilities in Montserrado and Margibi are served directly from the NDS/CMS central warehouse. Our supplies serve several programs:

1. EDP (The Essential Drugs Program); the regular everyday paracetamol, antibiotic etc.
2. Malaria
3. RH (Reproductive Health) family Planning
4. TB (Tuberculosis)
5. ARV (Anti-Retroviral); HIV medications
6. Mental Health
7. NTD (Neglected tropical Diseases)
8. Eye Health
9. Lab and Medical Supplies

Core Functions

The core function of NDS/CMS is to store and distribute purchase and or donated commodities to approved health facilities for public access. The entity received all Government of Liberia purchased and donated pharmaceuticals commodities and supplies for storage and subsequently distribute them quarterly.